What We Believe

First's Core Values

MISSION: "Worshiping God, Sharing His Love”
VISION: “Building a Community for Others Together”

Loving the people of our community into relationship with Jesus Christ.

Serving Together we...
Evangelize: Bring God's love in practical ways to all people.
Exalt: Celebrate God's presence with joy and adoration
Equip: Developing Servant-Leaders.
Engage: Impact & Influence the Community as "Difference-Makers" 

"The good things which you love are all from God, but they are good and sweet only as long as they are used to do his will." - Augustine, Confessions

1. We Value People. We believe that people matter to God, and therefore people matter to us. God "loves the world" so we practice respect for people.
2. We Value Worship. We believe Worship is a Celebration! Worship is the privilege of meeting God with other seekers and believers.
3. We Value Biblical Truth. We believe the Bible is the only norm for faith and life and leads persons who hear and read it into a saving relationship with God's Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.
4. We Value Small Groups. We believe that quality lives are best developed through small groups which offer encouragement, support and accountability.
5. We Value Prayer. We believe that seeking and enjoying the Lord is the privilege and lifeline of a people who are loved by their Heavenly Father. Prayer keeps us
connected to God and tuned into His purposes.
6. We Value Service. We believe spiritual giftedness determines where and how each believer serves the Lord through the Church. We believe that the Church is a place which values tradition, yet encourages innovation, creativity, and flexible methods.
7. We Value Teamwork. We believe that ministry is mission-driven, Spirit empowered, and accomplished best through teams.
8. We Value Cooperation. We believe the mission being and making disciples of Jesus and expanding God's family is best achieved by banding together with other mission
minded churches in God's Great Commission.
9. We Value Commitment. We believe that a life full of devotion for Jesus Christ and His cause is normative for every believer.
10. We Value Transformation. We believe Jesus came into the world to change people from the inside out through the experience of His love, forgiveness, and grace.